Southern Highland Frenched Lamb Rack


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Rack of lamb is the cut made up of the seven or eight ribs cut from either side of the spine and their attached meat.It is often considered a the ‘Rolls Royce’ of lamb for its tenderness and well intermuscular marbling.

A whole rack makes an impressive presentation, and because each rib chop is small, one rack is perfect for serving two people. The meat is tender, ideal for quick, high-heat cooking methods like sear-roasting and grilling.

These lamb racks have been beautifully frenched and weigh approximately 550g per rack.

Southern Highlands

Southern Highlands Lamb is raised and produced in a fully
integrated system. The lambs are bred and sourced in
Victoria and Southern NSW , and finished off on Junee/
Wagga local farms. The pastures they are finished on are
grown on the farm and maintained by the farms own water
The Lambs are all bred specifically to be eaten as “table
meat” rather than as “wool” producing animals. The lambs
are all 2nd cross and produce a very high eating quality