UmiTochi Information

Why order from us?

We are very passionate about our produce and your satisfaction hence why we are constantly trying to provide you with the freshest produce at the lowest possible price as we strongly believe in good produce should be available to everyone.

Where do we source our produce from?

We work closely with reputable suppliers and farms around the country to ensure a consistent supply of the best quality produce to you.

What is MBS?

MBS (Marble Score)is governed by MSA(Meat Standards Australia ) to grade the fat content in beef . The higher the marble score the juicier and tenderer the meat will be.


What is dry aging?

Dry aging is a process to eliminate moisture and adding more flavor to the protein by allowing the natural enzyme in the meat to break down the protein of the meat therefore dry aged fish or meat will be packed full of flavor and umami. It is most commonly done with red meats but can be done with fatty fish too.

Shipping & Handling Information

How do we pack our produce?

All orders will be packed in recyclable insulated boxes and stored in our cool rooms before they are picked up by our delivery driver. Your orders will then be transported in an approved refrigerated vehicle to maintain the cold chain and ensure that you receive your orders in the best condition.

Kindly ensure that someone is available to receive your order as we would like you to receive it in its optimal condition. Our delivery driver will notify you 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to delivery. Our delivery driver will leave your order at the safest location if no one is present. We are unable to take responsibility for your goods if no one is available to receive your order.


At Umitochi we pride ourselves in quality and after service. If you are unhappy with our products please get in touch with us and we are happy to provide a full refund upon reviewing.

Delivery times?

Please refer to the delivery times page.

Why 3 days delivery will the produce be fresh?

Yes the produce will be at it’s optimum quality when it arrives. We allow ourselves 2 days to prepare and source the best available produce and 1 day to have it delivered to you

Produce Care Information

How do I store my deliveries?

All deliveries should be stored under 3 degrees and used within 2 days for seafood and 5 days for meats.

How long can I leave my product out at room temperature for?

It is not recommended to leave your produce out at room temperature at all however the maximum time you can leave produce out is for 2 hours and it must be cooked immediately and after 4 hours food must be disposed off.

Why is my steak dull and brownish in color?

All steaks and portioned fish are vacuum packed to ensure freshness and quality. Steak contains a very high level of red blood cells therefore without the presence of oxygen it will turn to brownish and dull. By opening the packaging and allowing the steak to rest for 20 minutes before cooking will bring up the bright red hue of the meat.