Aurum Poultry Co. Salt-Baked Pullet




Salt Baked Pullet | Ready to Cook | 28 Minutes Cooking Time | Serves 4

Prepare to indulge in the tantalizing flavours of this classic chicken gai dish, salt-baked pullet chicken. Aurum Poultry Co. brings you a ready-to-cook product that retains moisture and releases smoky, salty flavour for a juicy and succulent bite. In just 3 steps and 28 minutes, you can experience the authentic tastes of a classic Asian chicken dish. No added preservatives. Using 100% Fook Wong Pullet Chicken.


Working tirelessly with our farms, we dedicate substantial consideration to the barn design, rearing technique, feed production and processing operation, to raise this specialty ‘gai’ chicken, best for authentic Asian cooking and to be the shining light of a wholesome dinner or celebratory feast. Fook Wong Cockerel Chicken is nurtured for 100 to 120 days within our cage-free farms, consuming nutritious natural feed until it reaches 1.3kg to 1.6kg. In comparison to commercial meat chicken which hits 2kg in merely 30 days, the difference is obvious. The longer growth period helps our birds acquire muscles and develop a more nuanced flavour. Low density farming allows our chicken to enjoy ample room to move around and exercise their muscles.


Approx. 1kg pack