Truffle Hill Truffle Jus


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Truffle Jus 160ml
Our Truffle Jus is a simple yet delicious broth made from cooking Black Perigord truffle in water and a pinch of salt, the truffle pieces are removed leaving a beautiful amber liquid jus behind.

This product is recommended for experienced chefs.

Popular Uses:

Perfect for infusing sauces with truffle flavour for any meat
Add to pasta sauce base to elevate your lasagne to the next level
Stir through a cauliflower and mushroom soup for a truffle flavour bomb
Drop in a can of our jus to your finishing risotto stage for a self indulgent comfort meal

Truffle Hill: Home of the Finest Australian Black Truffles
Nestled among the towering karri forests of Manjimup lies Truffle Hill, Australia’s premier farm producing the world’s most coveted black truffles.
Our Passionate Pursuit of Excellence
A singular vision led Truffle Hill to be established in 1997: cultivating and offering the highest quality Black Périgord (Tuber Melanosporum) truffles in Australia. We chose the famed terroir of Manjimup, Western Australia, because of its climate and environment rivalling Périgord, France. We planted the first truffle-inoculated hazelnut and oak trees on vast rolling hills studded with towering forest giants. With this act, we pioneered black truffle farming in mainland Australia.