O’Connor Premium Grass Fed Ribeye


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The Rib Eye is our favourite cut of steak to have. This cut mainly consist of two muscles, the eye and the spinalis dorsi which will both give you two different but excellent eating experience. As this is pasture fed beef, this rib eye will not lack in flavour. This is easily one of the most desirable steak in the world. We recommend cooking this on a hot pan or in your BBQ, constantly flipping to promote even cooking and to develop a beautiful crust until it reaches your desired doneness. This will definitely be a crowd pleaser in your next BBQ party or simply share it with your family for dinner.

Each ribeye is approximately 500g.

Certified Halal, Grass Fed and HGP free


From the pristine Gippsland region of South East Victoria, the O’Connor family has been supplying premium Beef for over three generations. Flourishing in abundant, nutrient rich pastures the free range cattle graze on natural clover and rye grass. Raised without artificial growth hormones, all O’Connor beef is sourced from selected British bred cattle (Black Angus & Hereford) and is certified “Natural” under the AQIS approved O’Connor Natural Beef Program.

For three generations the O’Connor family has been sourcing the finest quality beef from South Gippsland, grazing on what is undeniably Australia’s most prized environment for producing premium beef. Entirely free range cattle, they are raised on a natural diet of Gippsland’s pure pastures, without any artificial growth hormones, and tested free of antibiotics and chemicals.

They are the best Angus and Hereford cattle breeds, flourishing in the crisp fresh air, pristine water and nutrient rich pastures. After selecting only the very best of these steers, they are then hand graded for colour and marbling to ensure they are providing the utmost in tenderness, texture and taste. This grading ensures a premium category the majority of which is sold to the highest bidder in Japan, however we have managed to ensure Melbournian’s still have access to the worlds best beef which is grown in our own backyard.

This traditional butchers practice further enhances the tenderness and brings out the full flavour of this very special beef.

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