Collinson and Co Grass Fed Centre Cut Eye Fillet 180grams BMS4 (VIC)




Eye fillet steaks are cut from a whole eye fillet, an oblong shaped cut that spans between the short loin and the sirloin. The muscle sits beneath the ribs next to the back bone and does very little work, ultimately making it an incredibly tender and succulent cut.

Not bonded by meat glue and derived from the centre and most sought after piece of meat in the Eye Fillet.

Certified Halal, Grass Fed and HGP free

Collinson and Co

Collinson and Co family have perfected the art of hand selecting the finest cuts of meat making the Collinson & Co name your guarantee of quality, flavour and refinement.

Collinson & Co Black Angus beef is sourced from the lush pastures of Southern Australia where abundant rainfall and cool temperatures provide the perfect environment for producing their magnificent grass fed, hormone free , naturally marbled Angus beef.

Ethical and sustainable, Collinson & Co grass fed Angus is also low in cholesterol and trans fat whilst being naturally rich in nutrients including protein, iron, zinc and vitamin B.

It also produces a rich beef taste and tenderness that is unsurpassed and distinctly different from a grain fed beef experience.