U6 Wild Caught King Prawns (QLD)


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Eastern King Prawns

Eastern King Prawns (Melicertus plebejus) are wild caught from Harvey Bay, Queensland.

The King Prawn has a superb taste and texture due to the cold, pristine waters of the Southern Ocean. The King Prawn also has a sweet, delicate but firm white flesh, which makes it perfect for sashimi.

King Prawns are harvested by environmentally friendly fishing practices, having the lowest by-catch level of any prawn fishery worldwide.

These Prawns are packed and snap frozen at -40°C on board a purpose built trawler. The care the producers take to catch, pack and freeze these scampi result in a Premium Grade product.

King Prawn Fishery is the first in the Asia Pacific region to be certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). This means the fishery has maintained ecologically sustainable stock levels and has minimal impact on the environment.

The Australian Prawn fishery also maintains the highest assessment approval for the ecologically sustainable management of fisheries (Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999), Good Management Practice (GMP) and HACCP certification.


Size Grade/lb Prawns/kg Expect to receive**
Extra-Extra Large U6 <13 6 or fewer prawns per pound or <13 prawns per kilogram
Extra Large U8 <18 8 or fewer prawns per pound or <16 prawns per kilogram
Large U10 <22 10 or fewer prawns per pound or <22 prawns per kilogram
Medium-Large 10/15 23 to 33 10 to 15 prawns per pound or 23 to 33 prawns per kilogram
Medium 16/20 34 to 44 16 to 20 prawns per pound or 34 to 44 prawns per kilogram
Small 21/30 45 to 55 21 to 30 prawns per pound or 45 to 55 prawns per kilogram

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