Thesauri Ossetra Caviar (Greece)

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Shiny blackish spherical treasures, guaranteed to satisfy your concept of luxurious and lavish. Seemingly simple and elementary yet so profound and sophisticated.

Ossetra (also known as Oscietra, Osetra, or Asetra) caviar is obtained from the Russian sturgeon Acipenser gueldenstaedtii. Buttery texture and fully balanced flavour that ranges between nutty and fruity. Its pearl ranges from olive green to dark brown in colour.

The eggs of the female sturgeon are harvested and classified according to their size and colour. Our expert personnel follows the time enduring Russian process of preparation in order to ensure the product’s unique flavour.

The salting process, which is the second stage, is carried out by applying the traditional Malossol method in order to maintain the delicate finesse of its flavour while accentuating the aftertaste.

Quality tests are constantly held to ensure caviar firmness and excellent quality.

It is only upon customer order that our caviar is harvested and packaged. Packaging is completed under sterilised conditions to guarantee you consistently receive the freshest caviar in the market.

Every package is sealed with security tape and can be traced through its unique number printed thereon.

About Thesauri

Being competent sailors and bearing a particular affection for fish eggs, the ancient Greeks were undoubtedly familiar with the sturgeon. Famously skilled seafarers, merchants and fishermen, they were driven by the demand for the treasures of the sea to sail off the Aegean sea through the straits of the Dardanelles and Bosphorus all the way to the dark waters of the Black Sea.

It was not until the 1780s, however, that a Greek merchant, Ioannis Varvakis, found himself in Astrakhan and literally transformed caviar from what was known as a Russian peasants’ dish to an extravagant delicacy worthy of the European upper class. He was the one who enabled caviar to roam the world by creating a special air tight packaging.

Inspired by his pioneering spirit, we brought the first sturgeon eggs from Astrakhan to our aquafarm in 1992.

We have chosen the bay of Amvrakikos to build our ultra modern facilities making sure that it provides the ideal breeding environment-a perfect simulation of the natural surroundings the fish live in.

Since then, we have remained dedicated to those same values and produce our caviar only from pure species of Russian, Siberian and Huso huso sturgeon.

The end product is highly appraised by world experts. We have named it Thesauri after the Greek word θησαυρός (theesavros) which means treasure. To us it is a symbol of our commitment to deliver to you a one-of-a-kind treasure of taste.

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