St Oren’s Duck Liver Ficelle (150g)


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The lobe is carefully cleaned and deveined before being seasoned with Porto Wine, salt and pepper. The prepared liver is gently poached or sous-vide to ensure a velvety texture and preserve its richness of flavor, then chilled until the flavors ripen and mature

A surprisingly versatile ingredient, its profile lends itself to a variety of accompaniments. For a classically delicious approach: serve it alongside lightly toasted brioche or a crusty baguette to provide a contrast in textures. Additionally, sweet and tangy elements like fig compote, caramelized onions, or citrus marmalade can beautifully complement its richness.

About St Oren’s

Les Délices de Saint Orens is a duck foie gras producer, based near St-Jean-de-Luz in the French South West. Founded in 2006 by a duck farmer and an artisan specialised in food preserves, thecompany raises the ducks in its own farm, in a small village of the Landes region.Since they raise the ducks in open air, carefully controlling their nutrition by producing the feed onsite from the grain they harvest in their fields, they ensure an authentic final product with total traceability. They are one of the only producers in France to use this full cycle process on their ducks and products.