Ebara Sukiyaki Sauce 300ml


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For classic sukiyaki dinners.

Make sukiyaki stews as authentic as they come with Ebara’s sukiyaki sauce. Made from a combination of soy sauce, mirin, bonito fish flakes, and other seasonings, this sauce has a deep sweet/savoury flavour that beautifully complements and intensifies the mellower flavours of sliced beef and vegetables. What more perfect way is there to warm up in winter?

Sukiyaki, which literally means ‘cooked foods that you like’, is a variety of traditional Japanese hot pot comprising of sliced meat (usually beef), tofu, and vegetables, all boiled in a flavoursome soy sauce-based sukiyaki sauce and served with rice. For the full sukiyaki experience, dip your cooked meat in a little raw egg before eating.
How to use
Heat up a large pot. Add a little butter or oil before adding 500g sliced beef.
Let beef cook until lightly cooked, then add 300ml sukiyaki sauce and your preferred chopped ingredients (we recommend one block of tofu, two spring onions, one pack of shirataki noodles, and one pack of shimeji mushrooms). Allow to simmer until cooked and serve straight away.
To adjust the strength of the sukiyaki sauce, dilute with water or liquid dashi soup stock as much or as little as you desire.

Ingredients and allergens
Soy sauce (water, wheat), sugar, fermented seasoning, salt, bonito extract (fish), caramel colouring

Per 100ml:
Energy: 174kcal
Protein: 3.8g
Fat: 0g
Carbohydrate: 39.7g
Sodium: 3888mg (As Salt: 9.9g)