Sher Wagyu Fullblood 8-9 Scotch Fillet


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Scotch Fillet steak is considered one of the best steaks on the market. The scotch fillet is cut from the roast known as a prime rib or standing rib roast that sits at the top of the rib primal, the part of the cow between the chuck and the loin. The scotch fillet  is basically the meat between each of the ribs, which makes it a boneless cut; it is best grilled or broiled.

This highly desired cut of meat deserves top billing due to its full flavor and soft texture. The generous amount of marbling (fat running through the meat) makes for a rich taste and juicy finish. Because this area of the cow gets little exercise, the muscle isn’t used much and therefore the meat is nice and tender. Scotch fillet is often a decent size, filling up the plate, making for an impressive steak dinner.


About Sher

Sher Wagyu beef is all natural, hormone and antibiotic free and Halal accredited.

Since 1991 Nick & Vicki Sher’s passion has been to produce delicious Wagyu beef.

It was in the late 1980’s that Nick Sher first read about Wagyu cattle and their highly marbled beef. Though raised in Melbourne, Nick always dreamed of being a cattle farmer. After studying Agriculture Science at the University of Melbourne and working in agronomy and agribusiness for a few years, Nick became aware of the first Wagyu genetics being imported into Australia via the USA. In 1991 Nick and Vicki purchased some of these Wagyu embryos and calved the first purebred Wagyu embryo calves born in Australia on February 11, 1992.

Nick made many trips to Japan through the 1990’s, learning and studying wagyu genetics, the different bloodlines and methods of raising and feeding Wagyu cattle.

In 1995 the Shers sent by air the first Australian shipment of Wagyu crossbred cattle to Japan. Then, with the encouragement from their Japanese customers the Shers pioneered the breeding of Wagyu x Holstein, the traditional Japanese F1. In 1996 they established their company Beefcorp Australia to work with dairy farmers throughout Victoria to create a supply of Wagyu x Holstein calves. A number of these dairy farmers continue to work with Beefcorp today.

At the same time, the Shers continued to grow their Fullblood & Crossbred Wagyu herds. They imported fullblood embryos from Canada and in 1996 purchased a fullblood bull at the first auction of Wagyu cattle ever held outside Japan, in Oklahoma, USA. The bull, Kikiusgihe 406E, was collected for semen which was then imported to Australia. Other fullblood genetics were sourced to provide a range of genetics for their growing herd.

All beef was initially exported to Japan. In the early 2000’s they diversified into other export markets, establishing distributors that have become long term customers in Singapore, Hong Kong & USA.

In 2006 they started supplying a small quantity of loin cuts to a few Melbourne restaurants and a butcher shop in Box Hill. At that time not many chefs or the public were familiar with Wagyu beef and branded beef products were uncommon.

Establishing the Sher Wagyu brand has taken decades of commitment, passion and focus and has taken Nick & Vicki around the world, meeting distributors & chefs, participating in trade shows and educating customers and consumers. They now export to over 14 countries, working directly with selected distributors, and have a very loyal customer base in Australia, supplying directly to Melbourne & Regional Victorian restaurants and butcher shops .

Nick and Vicki and their team continue to strive to improve all aspects of their Wagyu breeding, farming, beef production and marketing of this delicious beef.

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