Tiger Flathead Fillets XL 500g Packs (Vic)




Flathead is one of a number of small to medium fish species with notably flat heads. Many species are found in the Indo-Pacific, especially most parts of Australia where they are popular sport and table fish. They inhabit estuaries and the open ocean.

Flathead is a very popular and versatile fish, suited to most cooking methods. The flesh of larger fish can be slightly dry and coarse though avoiding over-cooking by using gentle cooking methods should prevent this. A very popular fish for battering and deepfryng.

Whole fish can be roasted or BBQ’d, while fillets can be marinated, poached, steamed, grilled or fried.

Very fresh specimens can be eaten raw or marinated in a ‘ceviche’ style. Prepared this way it has a clean, fresh flavour and firm texture.

Sustainably line caught in the pristine waters of Gippsland

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The Commonwealth catch of deepwater flathead is managed by quota. Which means the catch of this fish by commercial fishers is restricted by weight.

Commercial fishermen are required to fill in records of their catches, during each fishing trip and when they land their catch in a port. This helps us keep records of how much is being caught.

AFMA decide on the amount that can be caught each year from expert advice and recommendations from fisheries managers, industry members, scientist and researchers.

Deepwater flathead are predominantly found in shelf waters at a depth of approximately 120-200metres.

Deepwater flathead are endemic to southern Australian waters.

Catches of this species peak in October – December.