Petuna Ocean Trout Fillet Sashimi Grade Skin On (TAS)


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Petuna Ocean Trout, or widely known asthe Wagyu of the Sea.

With its vibrant intense colour, purity of flavour, and luscious marbling.It has a creamy succulent texture which is velvety.


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Petuna have some of the lowest stocking densities in the world which means our fish have plenty of space to swim around. In fact, Petuna’s stocking density is 15kg per cubic metre which is significantly lower than the level that is currently considered global best practice. The natural behaviour of salmon is to school as they swim together and our aim is to promote a clean environment and natural behaviour. This in turn ensures:

  • healthy, stress-free salmon and trout
  • optimal growth
  • enhanced environmental conditions due to a reduction in organic enrichment from feed and fish faeces underneath the pens
  • more available oxygen for our fish and the marine environment

Petuna is a signatory to, and supporter of, the Australian Packaging Covenant. The Covenant is the voluntary component of a co-regulatory arrangement for managing the environmental impacts of consumer packaging in Australia. The Covenant is designed to minimise the environmental impacts from the disposal of used packaging, conserve resources through better design and production processes, and facilitate the reuse and recycling of used packaging materials.

Petuna’s Australian feed companies maintain a GMO-free status. Since January 2000, in accordance with Australian regulation (Food Standards Australia New Zealand Code), Australia has maintained a ‘GMO DNA-free’ status of aquaculture feeds. Our vegetable raw materials are purchased as non-GMO and supplier certifications are documented.

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