Cloudy Bay Diamond Clams Medium (NZ)




The Diamond Shell is characterised by its sweet,fresh sea spray aroma and clean ‘wild ocean’ flavour.

When cooked, the clam exhibits a fresh, fragrant scent of seaweed, with a rich, buttery flavour and a discreet nutty aftertaste.

MEDIUM   Approx 28-32 pieces per kg

Cloudy Bay Clams is the pioneer in the industry of harvesting surf clams along the coast of New Zealand.

Surf clams are a native shellfish to New Zealand’s pristine coastal waters. They exist in the turbulent surf zone, rich in food, up to 10 metres under the sea bed. This environment ensures the shellfish develop an outstanding quality and taste profile. The clams’ boutique flavours are versatile and highly valued within the hospitality industry.

Cloudy Bay has successfully undergone both their fishery and chain of custody audits and now carry ‘Friend of the Sea’, an international sustainability seal of approval, for our surf clams.

Friend of the Sea certification confirms our efforts and continuous commitment to sustainability and it represents an important added value for them and their product.