Mt Cook Alpine King Salmon 5-kg Fish (NZ)





Grown in the Alpine region of Mt cook

Mt Cook king salmon (Chinook) were introduced into local rivers from the Sacramento River 100 Years ago. The fish farm today are direct descendants of this original North American stock.

Mt Cook King salmon are raised in the swift, cold currents of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. The water is fresh and flows constantly.

In this pure environment, there’s no need to use vaccines, pesticides or antibiotics. Just skilled staff and good farming practices to perfect the conditions for growing naturally healthy fish.

Swimming against constantly flowing ice-cold currents keep Mt cook salmon healthy and fit, with fine intra-muscular fat lines. This translates to a subtle, clean taste and delicate texture unlike any other salmon.

Fast flows, highly oxygenated water and the distinctive touch of the seasons; all key ingredients in creating Nature’s Finest Tasting Salmon.

Widely sort after by premium restaurants all over the world and known for it’s finest quality and rich yet nutritious flesh

*Sold as a whole fish approximate 5kg per fish


Due to the nature of this produce weights listed are approximate only, final weight will be calculated on the day of delivery with difference in price refunded or charged