Ebara Sesame Sauce for Shabu Shabu 335g


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Shabu shabu is a typical Japanese onomatopoeia describing the light sound of meat in simmering broth.

Shabu shabu is a very popular Japanese simmered dish, consisting of thin slices of meat and chunks of vegetables cooked in a richly flavored broth.

Plunged into a boiling broth, the fat from the beef or pork melts away, much to the delight of figure-conscious women and the elderly.

The notes are gourmand, the mouth creamy.

This sauce, slightly diluted with a little dashi broth, is also delicious with somen and udon.

Water, soy sauce (water, soy, wheat, salt), reduced sugar syrup, 8% sesame paste, vinegar, 6% sesame, sugar, fructose syrup, salt, seasoning (rice brewing liquid, salted malted rice, alcohol, brewed rice seasoning, salt, glucose, starch syrup), emulsifiers E460(i) and E475, thickener E415

Nutritional Values
Per 100g: energy 178 kcal (746 kJ); fat 7.3g, of which saturated fatty acids 1.11g; carbohydrates 23g, of which sugars 7.2g; protein 5g; salt 4.006g.