Collinson And Co Sliced Short Ribs (LA Galbi) 1kg




Sliced Collison and Co Grass Fed Marble Score 4-6 short ribs

Flanken cut bone in short ribs , also known as Asado style short ribs.

Galbi means “ribs” in Korean,  LA galbi is a style of galbi barbecued beef short ribs ,cut thinly (about ¼ inch thick) across the bones.



Collinson and Co

Gold medal winning beef represents the pinnacle of grass fed beef.

Collinson & Co’s black Angus beef is sourced from the pastures of Southern Australia, where abundant rainfall and cool temperatures provide the perfect environment for producing grass-fed, hormone-free, naturally marbled Angus beef.


Collinson & co
Beef and veal from Victoria
Since 1954 and still going strong the beef is just so consistent in its Quality.
Grass feed’ HGP free and Halal accreddited