Castaing Whole Duck Liver Foie Grais Lobe (France)




The “natural” Whole Foie Gras.

Whole liver lobe simply seasoned and cooked under vacuum.

Discover the intense and genuine flavour of the foie gras.

For optimal freshness, all these products are prepared on demand

Each lobe of foie gras weight approx 400 grams





About Castaing

The history of foie gras is closely linked with the history of our civilisation and is part of the French culinary and cultural patrimony.

The Greeks inherited this delicacy from the Egyptians, as did the Romans who introduced it to ancient France.

A good many years later, in 1925, it was in Coudures, a delightful little village in the Chalosse region (Landes) that Joseph Castaing decided to share throughout the year his local culinary delicacies as foies gras, terrines and confits that gave him and his guests a lot of pleasure.

Located today in Saint-Sever, a few miles away from his great grand father’s native home, Jean Daniel Castaing is now head of the foie gras company that creates new recipes always respecting the foundation values of the house

The Maison CASTAING has always chosen to work in close collaboration with small local farms (non industrial) that perpetuate the traditional duck breeding and rearing outdoor with a 100% natural diet for the best foie gras duck (mulard duck).

Fattening is traditionally by hand and exclusively with French Southwest whole grain corn by respecting the very strict procedure of “label rouge” Landes certified production.

The evisceration and production facilities respect the most stringent countries regulations (EEC Agreements, HACCP method), the leading-edge technology, careful hands-on supervision of each stage of product preparation and the total traceability on the final product guarantee the consistent quality of our products.