Amai Ebi “Royal Red Prawns’ Sashimi Grade (W.A)


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Red Cardi is soft, delicate ,sweet and packed with umami making it perfect for sashimi or sushi.


Royal red prawns are a deepwater demersal species that occurs on the edges of continental shelves and slopes. It can be found on mud substrates at depths of 230‑825 metres, but is most abundant at depths of 400‑550 metres. There is some evidence that royal red prawns move into shallower waters during winter.




Royal red prawns are a deep water species found along both the east and west coast of Australia. They occur along the upper continental shelf over soft substrates.

In Commonwealth waters, royal red prawns are predominantly caught in waters at a depth of approximately 400-500 metres in the Southern and Eastern Scalefish and Shark Fishery.


The Commonwealth catch of royal red prawns is managed under quota, meaning that catch by commercial fishers is restricted by weight.

Commercial fishermen are required to fill in records of their catches, during each fishing trip and when they land their catch in a port. This helps us keep records of how much is being caught.

AFMA decide on the amount that can be caught each year from expert advice and recommendations from fisheries managers, industry members, scientist and researchers.






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