2GR Fullblood Wagyu Center Cut Eye Fillet (190g)




Eye fillet steaks are cut from a whole eye fillet, an oblong shaped cut that spans between the short loin and the sirloin. The muscle sits beneath the ribs next to the back bone and does very little work, ultimately making it an incredibly tender and succulent cut.

Not bonded by meat glue and derived from the centre and most sought after piece of meat in the Eye Fillet.

Marbling Score 8-9 Fullblood Wagyu

Certified Halal

2GR Wagyu

The 2GR Wagyu stock are produced in the Eastern region of Australia, mostly around Mudgee and the Central West Slopes regions of NSW.

Raised under the watchful eye of the Rinehart family, possessing generations of Australian heritage and an understanding of the Australian landscape, these animals are carefully cared for, bred and reared with the entire production process completely owned and operated within the family.

As with the Japanese tradition, production is limited to manage quality and prestige, with numbers kept until 10,000 roaming over 39,000 acres of land over plentiful hills for grazing. The 2GR herds are raised completely naturally and hormone-free, and over 85% of the cattle produced are scored at over 9+ marble score.

One of the largest full blood breeding programs outside of Japan, the 2GR program also has expansive breeding properties in Southern Queensland accommodating another 10,000 head of purebred and full blood cattle.

Taking into account the importance of provenance, the 2GR program ensures to tag their calves from a young age, and can trace the pedigrees of their herds all the way back to their Japanese ancestors.

The common knowledge is that the breed originated in Japan, and the pure bloodlines were fiercely regulated, keeping the beef in its highly coveted position as the most decadent in flavour and the highest quality. In fact, in Japan, it’s so premium that it’s often only eaten on special occasions or given as a gift.