Hida A5 BMS11-12 Wagyu Scotch Fillet Shabu Shabu Slice 500g (Japan)




Sliced for shabu shabu or Japanese Hot Pot

Full Certifications will be provided with every purchase

(1) The region that has been breeding the beef the longest is Gifu Prefecture.
(2) Beef fattened by a producer certified and registered in the farmer accreditation system of the Hida Beef Brand Promotion Conferece.
(3) Comes from a black-haired Japanese Wagyu cattle breed fattened for at least 14 months.
(4) Meat quality is rated grade 3, 4 or 5 by The Japan Meat Grading Association.
Certified only when the secretariat of the council confirms these four conditions are met

Graded meat certified as Hida beef is issued a Hida beef label. The Hida beef label clearly lists the meat grade, the name and address of the producer, an individual identification number and the certification date.

Hida Gyu

Raised in the rich nature of Gifu Prefecture, touted for its scenic beauty, Hida beef is created at the hands of discerning beef producers with superior techniques and concern for customer safety and assurance who invest the time required to make superior quality meat.

By the end of the mid-1950s, cattle were being raised in Gifu Prefecture as “work cattle” used to cultivate the land. In 1955, increased mechanization of farm labor prompted the beginning of a shift from cattle raised as “work cattle” to cattle raised for meat. From 1965 to 1975, increased attention to meat quality and weight gain generated improvements in cattle raising for meat production. This sparked a trend throughout Japan, with the Wagyu Olympics “All-Japan National Wagyu Cattle Expo(commonly known as “Zenkyo”), a competition held to provide each prefecture a chance to pit livestock improvements against those of other Prefectures.

Each locality in Gifu Prefecture had its name on a type Wagyu cattle being bred from 1975 to 1985, but momentum to use a common name for all breeds in the prefecture built until all cattle were collectively referred to as “Gifu beef.”In 1981, a cattle named Yasufuku who would later become the “father of Hida beef” was brought to Gifu from Hyogo Prefecture and established the Hida beef brand, siring offspring that produced great achievements in meat production. With the full cooperation of Yoshida Ham Co., Ltd., the company that held the Hida beef trademark at the time, work progressed to change the name from Gifu beef to Hida beef to promote it as a brand name, and the Hida Beef Brand Promotion Conferece was established in 1988.
Thus began the history of Hida beef.