Great Southern Lamb Frenched and Cap Off Approx 700g per rack




Rack of lamb is the cut made up of the seven or eight ribs cut from either side of the spine and their attached meat.It is often considered a the ‘Rolls Royce’ of lamb for its tenderness and well intermuscular marbling.

A whole rack makes an impressive presentation, and because each rib chop is small, one rack is perfect for serving two people. The meat is tender, ideal for quick, high-heat cooking methods like sear-roasting and grilling.


Great Southern

Great Southern lamb is flagship lamb offering by JBS , incorporating the highest standards of animal health, on-farm management and fastidious raising claims of the JBS Farm Assurance Program

Never ever subject to the use of antibiotics, added hormones, or GMOs, Great Southern lamb is sourced only from livestock that have been fed a pure grass diet.

Additionally, Great Southern lamb specifically excludes all Merino sheep to ensure only the highest quality eating livestock make the grade into the brand.

Great Southern lamb is perfect for customers the best quality Australian lamb on the international and domestic market. It is MSA graded to ensure that only the highest eating quality lambs are packed into their premium grass-fed brand.